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    Calibration + electrical test + optical test + functional tests. All in one machine.


    Touch displays are the standard interface between the user and any kind of electronics – in consumer devices, but also in industrial equipment, automotive multimedia, monitoring systems. Their correct working can be guaranteed only by complete test and calibration, performed on each and every device at the end of the manufacturing process. SPEA equipment is able to perform the production test and calibration of resistive and capacitive touch displays, for every application field.




    Compared to manual testing operations, SPEA testers offer the benefits of a completely automatic system: high throughput, low cost of test, full traceability.




    SPEA equipment combines the test capabilities of a complete ICT tester with high-performance actuation systems, able to act like human fingers simulating all real operations on the displays, for both touch-sensible and press-sensible surfaces, thanks to programmable force actuators ranging from grams to kilograms with real-time feedback on the applied force. Color cameras, light sensors and spectrometers are used to perform optical test and light color, intensity and chromaticity test.




    SPEA systems run standard test sequences on all kinds of devices. This brings to reliable, repeatable, consistent test results, exactly replicated on every machine. The system software is able to record and analyze the test results, giving a powerful tool to monitor product quality and process quality.

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