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    Finding faults is not enough.
    Avoid them.

    Process Control Software

    Do not limit yourself to discover if a board is pass or fail.


    Find out the causes of faults, identify the critical areas of the production process and intervene promptly to improve it. Choose QSoft.


    QSoft is useful for electronic manufacturing plants, electronic boards repair centers, service and calibration centers.

    Key Features


    • Paperless board repair
    • Defect tracking
    • Manufacturing quality report
    • Process traceability
    • Automatic data collection
    • Production process control & optimization

    Paperless Board Repair

    • Operator can repair boards without need for paper
    • Fault details (measurements, thresholds) are shown in the software environment

    Repair guide

    • The system suggests the causes of the fault and the repair actions
    • Fault position is displayed in a graphical layout
    • Expert system increases its knowledge with the data from previous repair actions

    Defect Tracking

    • Fault list history tracking

    Fault Origin Tracking

    • Track the production process that caused the fault

    Manufacturing quality Report

    • on box Real-time monitoring of the production failures
    • KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
    • Real-time dashboard

    Manual Test Data Collection

    • Operator can manually associate to a board, faults and data eventually noticed
    • It is possible to create checklists to guide the manual inspection on the UUT

    Automatic Data Collection

    • Real-time data load and store from SPEA and third party equipment

    Automatic board identification

    • Automatic generation of serial number in case of boards without ID
    • Visual identification of the board inside a board magazine

    Production Process Optimization

    • Re-test of fail boards only
    • Avoid to execute useless tests and operations

    Production Process Control

    • Verify the correct execution of all production phases in the right sequence

    Process traceability

    • All measures, test results, test times and processes executed on each board are stored


    • Qsoft is available in English, Italian, Chinese, French and Polish
    • Other languages can be integrated on request

    4 Suites. Developed according to your needs


    Simple and easy to use, QSoft provides a wide range of programs that meet these and many other needs.

    With QSoft the collection of data from each individual process is automatic, without interfering with the productivity of the work stations. The quality of the process can be verified in real time, and the information relating various aspects of production, productivity and defects are immediately available, allowing the execution of corrective measures.

    With the experience of a long-running test engineer, QSoft is able to analyze what happened and to guide the repair of fail boards, storing all information in its archive. The system in this way is able to automatically update your knowledge, enriching it test after test.

    Automate and speed up the repair stationxxxx
    Knowing the test history of a productxxxx
    Export and research test and repair dataxxxx
    Automatic reports of manufacturing process, defects, performances, timings and traceabilityxxx
    Optimize test for fail and repaired boardsxxx
    User managementxxx
    Automatic archive of consolidated dataxxx
    Real-time monitoring of processes and productionxxx
    Register defects manually detected by the operatorxxx
    Track and organize manual operationsxx
    Visual identification of fail boards inside a magazinexx
    Certification data collection management and exportxx
    Real-time monitoring of productivity and operator efficiencyx
    False fail reduction on wrong contactsx
    Verify the correct execution of all production phases in the right sequencex
    Statistics analysis on certification datax
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