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    Over 800.000 boards tested per year

    30-50μm contactable pad

    Operatorless testing

    Easy to use

    The best for electronic board testing

    Unbeatable in throughput and fault coverage

    SPEA automatic flying probe testers for electronic boards stand out for their unsurpassed throughput performance and for their excellent fault coverage.

    The main advantage of flying probe testers is that they are immediately ready to test every new product, without needing any specific interface fixture or testability study.
    To this feature, SPEA systems add complete automation both in test program development and in system operation. Starting from CAD files, the generation of an in-circuit test program is completely automatic, as well as the fine-tuning and stabilisation of the measurements: in a few hours, the test program is ready to run. The tester operation can be completely automatic, without any operator’s intervention: with the aid of SPEA Board Handling Equipment, the flying prober can run over an entire work shift or a weekend in full autonomy.

    Ultra-fast probes are able to contact points as small as 30 μm and, therefore, they can directly contact the pins of the smallest components on the board: it is no longer necessary to include special test pads in the printed circuit board design. This accuracy is stable over time, thanks to linear optical encoders in XYZ which give continuous feedback on the real probe positioning, with a resolution of 12 nanometers.
    Moreover, the motion profile of the probes avoids the risk of damaging the contacted points, for a zero-impact contacting also in case of multiple probings on the same point.

    SPEA flying probe series includes different models, so as to cover different production needs from high volumes – over 800.000 boards per year – to low volumes, to NPI and prototypes. Every model can be equipped with different modules and tools to test different products such as electronic boards, flexible circuits, power modules, back planes, semiconductor test load boards and probe cards, ceramic devices, microelectronics and silicon wafers.


    Electronic Board Test

    Flexible Circuit Test

    SPEA Power Board Tester

    Power Board Test

    LED Board & Panel Test

    SPEA Automatic Flying Probe Tester for Probecard

    Probe Card Test

    Load Board Test

    Top Features

    Unparalleled throughput

    Ultra Positioning Accuracy

    No Damage Touch

    Short Circuit Test on all nets

    Board Handling - Loader - Unloader - SPEA

    Automatic Board Handling

    Intuitive software

    Test Techniques

    Light Test

    Laser Test

    Optical Test

    Power-On Test

    SPEA Automatic Flying Probe Tester

    RF Test

    SPEA Automatic Flying Probe Tester

    All-Nets Structural Test

    Find the right tester for your needs
    Compare Flying Probe models

    UPH (UPY)
    [340 net - 357 components]
    128 (1 Mln)*128 (1 Mln)*128 (1 Mln)*83 (660 k)*47 (372 k)*31 (246 k)*
    UPH (UPY)
    [1000 net - 600 components]
    63 (500 k)*63 (500 k)*63 (500 k)*41 (330 k)*34 (270 k)*22 (180 k)*
    Top Flying Heads4x4x4x4x4x4x
    Bottom Flying Heads4x4x4x2x--
    Bottom Lift----1x1x
    Contactable pad (min) [μm]30**50**30**707070
    From RackYesYesYesYesYesYes
    From Conveyor/LineYesYesYesYesYesYes
    Dimensions [WxLxH]1700 x 1300 x 2050 mm
    67 x 51 x 81 inches
    1700 x 1438 x 2080 mm
    67 x 57 x 82 inches
    1285 x 1000 x 2063 mm
    51 x 40 x 81 inches
    1750 x 1272 x 1724 mm
    69 x 50 x 68 inches
    1600 x 1220 x 1660 mm
    63 x 48 x 65 inches
    1600 x 1220 x 1660 mm
    63 x 48 x 65 inches
    UUT Size (max) [LxW]1000 x 460 mm
    40 x 18 inches
    1000 x 460 mm
    40 x 18 inches
    500 x 190 mm
    20 x 7.5 inches
    1524 x 610 mm
    60 x 24 inches
    1000 x 400 mm
    40 x 16 inches
    1000 x 400 mm
    40 x 16 inches
    Device Height (Top/Bottom)85/85 mm
    3.4/3.4 inches
    150/150 mm
    5.9/5.9 inches
    45/45 mm
    1.8/1.8 inches
    80/55 mm
    3/2 inches
    55/90 mm
    2/3.5 inches
    55/90 mm
    2/3.5 inches
    Flexible Circuit on Reel Width190 mm
    7.5 inches
    190 mm
    7.5 inches
    190 mm
    7.5 inches
    * 8h, 3 shifts, 330 days
    ** In ultra-accurate probing configuration

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