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    MEMS and Sensors Test - MEMS Stimulus - SPEA

    MEMS Test Cell

    A single machine for the complete test and calibration of MEMS and sensors

    SPEA Pick & Place Test Handler - SPEA

    Compared to testing IC’s, testing MEMS introduces various peculiarities. In addition to the electrical test, they require a specific type of stimulus, to properly test their capability to transduce a physical input to an electrical output, under their actual working conditions. They also require to be handled with specialized equipment, able to provide high throughput without shocking the micromechanical internal structures. And, last but not least, tests often need to be performed at temperature.

    SPEA demonstrated to be the most qualified supplier of test equipment for MEMS devices: SPEA MEMS test cells combine fast and gentle pick&place handling, reliable contacting and complete final test capabilities, including electrical test, physical stimulus for functional test and calibration, and tri-temp thermal conditioning. Everything is controlled by a single software interface, to offer an easy-to-use environment along the whole process, from equipment programming to production control.

    All-in-one equipment

    MEMS Test Cell - Pick an Place - SPEA


    MEMS Test Cell - Functional Test - SPEA

    Parametric and functional testing

    MEMS Test Cell - MEMS stimulus - SPEA

    Specific MEMS stimulus

    MEMS Test Cell - Device Calibration Test - SPEA


    MEMS Test Cell - Temperature Test - SPEA

    Tri-temp conditioning

    MEMS Test Cell - Contacting interface - SPEA


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    SPEA MEMS Test Cell - SPEA

    Single-manufacturer complete solution


    All MEMS Test Cell elements are designed and manufactured directly by SPEA, so that the test cell works as a single, best-performance machine.

    This guarantees best technical performance, equipment cost optimization, one-shot factory integration.

    Cost of test results greatly reduced, thanks to the high throughput, lower investment, short application development time and rapid accommodation of different applications.

    Complete testing with MEMS stimulus

    Test under actual working conditions

    Reliable functional test and calibration of MEMS and sensors is not limited to the electrical characteristics of the devices. They also require to determine and analyse the device mechanical functions, by measuring their non-electrical behaviour.

    For this reason, SPEA MEMS Test Cells are able to perfectly replicate the real working conditions of a wide variety of devices, applying the same physical stimulus the device must sense and answer to. The constant connection to the test resources during the stimulus application makes the equipment able to accurately verify the correct device working.

    Test resources can be embedded into the stimulus unit, or housed into a compact, test-head-only tester.

    Full Final Test Concept

    SPEA test cells perform the complete parametric and functional test on the fully packaged devices – for either standard packages or WLCSP die-level packages – at the end of the production process.
    After testing, the devices can be directly shipped to the customer, without needing any further work or re-test.

    Multiple stimuli can be combined in a single test unit, to test combo MEMS, such as environmental sensors (pressure + humidity + gas + temperature) or navigation sensors (accelerometer + gyroscope + compass). The test area can be easily reconfigured on field with different test units.

    Learn more about SPEA Tester >

    MEMS Test - Inertial sensors - SPEA
    • Low g accelerometers
    • Gyroscopes
    • High G sensors
    • 6-DOF sonsors
    MEMS Test - Environmental Test - SPEA
    • Barometric sensors
    • Humidity sensors
    • Temperature sensors
    • Gas sensors
    MEMS Test - Pressure test - SPEA
    • Absolute & Differential pressure sensors
    • TPMS
    • Force sensors
    • Medium & high pressure sensors
    MEMS Test - Light Test - SPEA
    • Proximity sensors
    • Time-of-flight sensors
    • Ranging sensors
    • UV sensors
    • IR sensors
    • Gesture sensors
    MEMS Test - Magnetic test - SPEA
    • Compass
    • Hall effect sensors
    • Angular sensors
    MEMS Test -Acoustic Test - SPEA
    • Microphones
    • Speakers
    MEMS Test - Pick & Place Test Handler - SPEA

    High-throughput MEMS handling


    High-throughput pick and place test handlers (able to move up to 33,000 units per hour) are specifically designed to perform gentle, fully automated handling of MEMS devices, without applying extra-force to the components. The handler architecture gives the best flexibility, so that the configuration can fit with every process: devices are picked up from trays or bowl feeder, wafer or strip on blue/UV tape, transferred to the test area and, at the end of the test, are placed on trays, reel or box.


    Learn more about SPEA pick&place technology >

    Nitrogenless temperature conditioning


    Thermal conditioning is applied to the devices which need to be tested at temperature (temperature sensors, but also devices that are called to work under extreme conditions, such as automotive sensors), with an innovative nitrogen-less system ranging from -65 to 200°C.

    A fast temperature change mechanism allows for a single-insertion test at different temperatures: the device can remain in the same pocket while it is tested at the required temperature values, in sequence. This lowers the overall costs, reducing in number the handling operations required, while guaranteeing higher calibration precision and easier device traceability.

    • Temperature range: -65 to +200°C
    • temperature accuracy ± 1°C
    • temperature stability ± 0.5 °C
    • No defrost needed for intervention on the sockets
    • 24 hours/day working without interruption
    • Accurate temperature control at full temperature range
    • Controlled ambient temperature
    • Precise tracking of thermal performance parameters
    • Temperature monitoring per site

    Reliable, gentle contacting


    SPEA provides the test cells complete of all the tools required to interface and contact the devices under test with the test instrumentation.
    Sockets and contacting units are developed in-house by SPEA, for the most common IC packages (with or without leads) as well as for custom packages, to provide the best performance in MEMS testing:

    • Low-Force Contacting
    • High-efficiency thermal transfer with DUT
    • Dead-bug or live-bug contacting units
    • Customizable DUT presser tip shape
    • Device Aligner
    • Temperature sensors on contactors
    MEMS Test Cell - MEMS Contacting - SPEA

    Discover how SPEA MEMS Test Cell can enhance your test performance and efficiency

    Book now your free demo
    Europe, Asia, Americas: wherever you are, SPEA team will be happy to make you touch with your hands the advantages SPEA MEMS Test Cell can bring to your test floor.
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