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    Custom solutions, designed for testing specific devices, such as touch displays, wearables, optoelectronics

    Something new? We’ll develop the best to test it.


    Dedicated teams of R&D engineers, researchers, designers, keen on developing innovative solutions to test the latest technologies, for which no suitable test equipment or technique exists yet.

    Production test machines specifically conceived to satisfy the test requirements of a defined device, combining highest performance demands, best efficiency, low overall cost of test.


    This is SPEA Special Test Products division.

    Are you developing a new electronic device,
    and don’t know how to test it?

    Contact us
    Our experts are here to develop the best test solution for your product.
    What we do


    Tell us what your device functionalities are.

    We will develop the test equipment to test them all, basing on the most advanced technologies available in the fields of electronics, measurement techniques, physics, robotics, maths.

    Then we will manufacture your test machines (as many as you need), complete of dedicated operating system, test instrumentation, automation. Everything is designed and developed in-house by SPEA, to provide consistent solutions, rapidity of action, and a single partner you can work with.

    We can then count on a network of qualified suppliers to guarantee the best time-to-market also for the highest volumes of machines needed.


    Application examples


    Touch displays
    Adaptive lighting
    Ink cartridges and printer heads
    Keyboards and push buttons
    RF devices
    Sound devices
    and others




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